Well…it all began on a cold Monday morning after the Easter holidays of 1994. Something sinister was happening in Rwanda, well at least according to the two-day old newspaper in my hand. I sat nervously on a rusty black office chair in a dusty video production studio in Nairobi. I could hear the shouting going on in the main house. For reasons best known to himself, my former employer had made it his personal crusade to thwart every chance I had for employment. This particular morning he’d driven across the city to my new work place to ensure I wasn’t hired here too. Thirteen months ago, I left his company and he’d called every place I went to seek employment and asked them to turn me down. As I listened, a wave of panic gripped my frail frame and quickly turned into rage…tears swelled in my eyes and refused to drop. I stared blindly at the newspaper… Everyone in the studio was frozen stiff, silent. They listened. Then a door slammed violently and my former employer stomped off to his Mercedes Benz, upset…It was at that very moment I realized I had to move on…vanish in thin air, may be change names or even join a rebel group somewhere…Then suddenly the phone rang…

“Darkness will be preferred to light and death will be thought more profitable than life. No one will raise their eyes to the heavens. Good people, spiritual people, seekers of truth will be considered insane. The vulgar and the careless will be considered wise. The madman will be thought a strong man and the wicked held up as good. Only those who bring evil messages will remain. They will mingle with humans and drive them to crime, into wars and theft and fraud and all things hostile to the bodies and souls of human beings,” Hermes.

Welcome to my “Headlines To Die For” .